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Play this scale slowly and evenly, backwards and forwards, until you’ve memorized the pattern. Trumpet Fingering Chart Major Minor Scales Warm-Up 6 Pcs Trumpet Finger Key Trumpet Fingering Chart. Pentatonic scales, as their name suggests, have only five notes. Guitarists use it in riffs, song melody lines and lead guitar improvisation. Fingerings for the harmonic minor scales are shown in Table 1. Check www. They don't have to transpose. 123. xls / . The other two are the Natural Minor and the Melodic Minor. Shop with confidence. Oboe Fingering Chart Created by Amy Sandlin 3. Flutes, oboes, bassoons, trombones, tubas, baritones reading bass clef and all string instruments are concert pitch instruments: when they play a C it sounds like a C on the piano. In fact, you could take any of your trumpet music and play it on tuba. In minor scales, the chord includes a minor third instead of a major third; this means that the third note in a minor scale is one half-step lower than it would be in a major. Show Chord Chart Guitar Scales Piano Scales Flute Fingering Chart Recorder Fingering Trumpet Note Chart. Find great deals on eBay for trumpet fingering chart. Bb Tpt. Trumpet Finger Chart for Beginners The above illustrations represent three octaves of trumpet scales starting with F#. Follow the trumpet scales on the chart as you begin learning the trumpet fingering positions. txt) or read online for free. In other words, they are all versions of a minor scale, with slight but significant differences among each. A Harmonic Minor Scale and Fingering Chart - Music Fun. It is better to learn your pentatonic scales in minor instead of . 2 w. Trombone French Horn Trumpet Musical Instruments whole twelve. Page 2. Going up, the 3rd scale degree is flat, but the rest is like a major scale, and going down it is the same as a natural minor scale. F#. Ab. Scales! Trumpet specific stuff: you'll have to find the fingerings for this stuff and  Follow the trumpet scales on the chart as you begin learning the trumpet fingering positions. Therefore I do not recommend playing it using no valves. So the most closely related key to C Major, for example, is A minor, since  This pentatonic lick simply goes down the pentatonic scale one note at a time. HOW TO PLAY THE TRUMPET . Basic Fingering Chart For Trumpet Alfred's Ukulele Chord Chart: A Chart of All the Basic Chords in Transposition for the B-flat trumpet If you’re writing for trumpet with anything other than percussion or voice (e. MINOR SCALES Natural Minor Scales. Here’s a free sheet I give to all my students after they learn their major scales. Scale and Arpeggio Fingering Sheet ©2011 Chad Twedt blog. C. C. Flute (Junior, Clinic, Senior) Oboe (Junior, Clinic, Senior) Bassoon (Junior, Clinic, Senior) Bb Soprano Clarinet (Junior, Clinic, Senior) In passages featuring this note, you should normally finger A#/Bb using your right index finger. ALTERNATE TRUMPET FINGERINGS. & # w b w F# 2 Gb 2 w G Open # w b w G# 23 Ab 23 w A 12 Bb Tpt. As a trumpet player, one place you would wind up using these is in marches. Tenor Saxophone French Horn Trumpet Baritone T. Melodic Minor Scales F Melodic Minor Bb Melodic Minor Eb Melodic Minor Ab Melodic Minor C# Melodic Minor F# Melodic Minor Print and Download Major Scales for Trumpet. Learning scales helps develop your listening and coordination skills alongside familiarising yourself with where each note lives on the musical stave. Practicing the trumpet is much more fun when you’re playing your favorite songs. The sound of the Harmonic Scale is somewhat characterized by the music of the Middle East. D D# Eb E F F# Gb G G# Ab A A# Bb B C C# Db Eb Instruments Transposition: down a minor 3rd Soprano Clarinet Concert Pitch Transposition Chart Aug 29, 2014 Fingering Chart All 12 Natural Minor Scales Trumpet. net for Professionally Arranged Beginner and Easy Trumpet Sheet Music with Piano Accompaniment. 23 w. The difference is that tuba players actually read different music than trumpet players. A minor harmonic in pattern: www. mus - 8Notes 16. Minor scales have three forms: 1. Yes, these modes are already under your fingers. , guitar or piano), and if you wish to specify pitch material in more than one part at a time, then you’ll need The fourth position of the G minor pentatonic scale starts with the first finger on the sixth string, tenth fret. The three groups of minor scales are: The Natural Minor (see below) The Melodic Minor; The Harmonic Minor; The Natural Minor Scale is often referred to simply as the Minor Scale. When I teach my students to use the blues scale I teach them to try to move off the #4 note quickly when playing. 20 Pg + 8. Trumpet Fingering Chart Major Minor Scales Warm Up. B. C#. Bb Clarinet 12 Major Scales Key Note Chart Key of Concert F Key of Concert Eb Group: 1 2 3 Group: 12 3 Trumpet, Tenor Sax French Horn Here are the C-sharp Minor Scales: the natural minor scale, the melodic minor scale, and the harmonic minor scale. TRUMPET FINGERING CHART. Do you need help fingering violin music? Our Violinonline. Note that there are quite a number of fingerings possible for the three octave scales; this essay simply provides a means of . Let's start with the basic form, the natural minor scale. Each scale includes the notes, diatonic triads within in the key, and the relative minor. COM Trumpet Fingering Chart Easy Sheet Music for Notes Trumpet How Beginners Trumpet Fingering Chart Easy Sheet Music for Notes Trumpet How Beginners YouTube; How to finger faster on trumpet The Next Steps of Trumpet Study Once you have mastered the art of major key trumpet scales, you will be well on your way to becoming a capable trumpet player! Once you have these scales down, you can start working on minor scales, on improvising in certain keys to get more comfortable with their frameworks, and even on solo trumpet pieces. Here’s a diagram of the melodic F minor scale on piano. Saxophone Fingering Chart. &. One of the skills of playing harmonic minor scales in thirds is being able to effortlessly leap a minor third to the raised seventh note of the scale. Visit our trumpet for beginners section to learn more about the instrument. finger 2nd finger 3rd finger 4th finger RIGHT HAND 1st finger 2nd finger 3rd finger 4th finger Left thumb flute fingering chart C CD DDEEEFFG GGAA AB BBCCD DDED DE E FRENCH HORN FINGERING CHART F T F# Gb G G# Ab A B C T T A T A# Bb T B T C T G# Ab # bw A T A# Bb # b T # bw F# Gb T G T G# Ab T A# Bb B C C# Db # bw D F w F# Gb #wbw D# Eb #wbw E F T # bw C# Db T D T # Eb T T WWW. com ColorAll Violin Fingering Chart will help you learn which finger to use with violin notes. * The Melodic minor scale is different on the way up the scale than on the way down the scale. Swipe to find fingerings in seconds with this flute fingering chart. a list of major and minor scales, plus trill fingering information in addition to a  3 octave fingerings. Trumpet Fingering Chart sheet music - trumpet sheet music by William Bay: Mel Bay Publications, Inc. JUSTFORWINDS. You are referring to an a harmonic A minor scale. ) There are 12 different Major Scales : One with no sharps or flats, 4 with sharps, 4 with flats, and 3 with either sharps or flats depending upon enharmonic spelling . COM 1349 South Main Street Cedartown, GA 30125 800. Remember that for the melodic minor scale, when descending, you play the natural minor scale. • Makeup of Major and Minor Scales Violin Viola Fingerboard Chart pdf. Piano Music Scales – Major and Minor. edu. One method would be to take one scale a week and practice that scale only. Follow through with the remainder of the pattern. A# · Bb · 123. Open w# wb. It is crucial to be well versed in alternative trumpet fingerings, even if they are not used frequently in more conventional contexts. Bb Clarinet Fingering Chart. All the patterns to this point have been the same as one climbs and descends the scales. Examiners will usually ask for at least one of each type of scale/arpeggio etc. D D/E E F F/G G G/A A A/B B C/D C High D High High E D/E D High F E F D E D E D E E B G All fingerings on this page use the octave key Natural Minor Scales Chart: There are three types of minor scales. Left Eb Left F Forked F . pdf), Text File (. 12 major scales and chord groups: free, printable download. The first and third valves are down, low air. The trumpet is also available in various bell materials ranging from yellow brass, red brass and copper. F sharp. One-octave and two-octave scales, I, IV and V chords, tonic chord inversions and arpeggios, all on one sheet for each key! Look at a fingering chart il give u the scales but u Go. Reply List of All Major Scales with Notes, Diatonic Triads, & Relative Minors. How do you play a D scale on the trumpet? For an A major scale the fingerings are: 1&2(A) 2(B) 1&2(C#) 1(D) open(E) 2(F#) 2&3(G#) 1&2(A) If you want to  The numbers on the Circle Of Fifths chart show how many sharps or flats the key Thus a Major Scale built on A has 3 sharps in its key signature as shown by the Circle of Fifths. Piano Scales Chart. Learn how to play natural minor scales on the Trumpet, Cornet, or Flugelhorn. , pocket-sized booklet features a fingering chart for the B-flat trumpet and These fingerings are for the mellophone, which is the instrument many french horn players choose to use for marching. Home · Tutor locator · Students for Students · Theory · Musical Tips · Contact Us. All valves are up, relaxed lips, low air. Trumpet/Baritone T. Fingerings are included. Learning trumpet fingering becomes even harder when you don’t have right methodology. The augmented second in harmonic minor scales must fit conveniently under the hand (preferably between 1 and 2 or 2 and 3), except for Eb/D# minor LH. Sharps Harmonic Minor Scales. . Bb. These high resolution Adobe Acrobat files of: Major, Minor, Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales are Part 7 of 9 from The Ultimate Warm UP Book. great beginner's guide to trumpet improvisation including discussion of modes. In addition, there are links to a printable PDF file and a two octave and a three octave chromatic scale. Major Guitar Scales - Guitar Scales Chart - 8notes. Learn the scales ascending and descending. TRANSPOSED for Bb Trumpet. If you want more information on practicing major and minor scales on the trumpet, make sure that you own J. When most guitarists talk about the pentatonic scale they’re referring to the pentatonic C harmonic minor Piano Scales - Piano Scales Chart - 8notes. B. The Harmonic Minor Scale is one of three minor scales. The trombone, unlike the many other instrument fingering charts we feature on our website, follows a different kind of chart: one of trombone positions. com. I would recommend looking up scale sheet music online. In case of the  We'll conclude with access to some really useful initial resources like a trumpet fingering chart, sheets of major and minor scales and links to some free  Nov 13, 2017 Recently we put up the piano fingerings for the major scales. 1 w. In addition to the online chart on this page, I’ve created a beautiful printable version of the Key Signature Chart, available for free download! Simply click this link to view the printable chart, or right-click and select “Save” to save it to your computer. The first note is a low C. Natural minor. Although fingering is only part of the note, it is still helpful. What scale you play will depend what key the band is in if they are playing a blues in the key of C (for instance), then you will need to play a D blues scale. 1. Natural minor scales are remarkably related to major scales. The note in brackets is very flat when played using no valves. Bb TRUMPET FINGERING CHART G G# Ab A A# Bb B C # b __ _ __ _ F# Gb G ____ G# Ab #wbw A A# Bb B C C# Db # bw D D# Eb #wbw E F w F# Gb #wbw G G# Ab # bw A A# Bb B C # bw C# Db D D# Eb E F #F bw Gb WWW. Scales and arpeggios are the most basic piano passages; yet the most important method for . Major Scales Fingerings for Trumpet - Free download as Excel Spreadsheet (. xlsx), PDF Trumpet Fingering Chart for All 12 Natural Minor Scales - Page 1. C · C# · D · D# · Eb · Db A#. From the Root of C A good idea is to practice your scales in some logical manner. When beginning a string instrument, you always need to learn the fretting patterns for major and minor scales. 5  Jun 13, 2017 Try playing through each one of the modes in this chart. 9798 F w or A C# Db # bw F w A # bw C# Db or F F C # Db A E w or ____ G# b Ab #wbw C E G# Ab # bw or Play a simple scale on your B flat trumpet. More Helpful Information About Trumpet Scales and Fingerings. As you'll see in the trombone position chart below, the trombone's notes are played by moving the slide. Concert C Minor (D Minor) Title: minor scales - trumpet - Full Score Author: Joe Created Date: 3/19/2012 8:51:25 AM The Complete 12 Major Scales for Trumpet Fingering Chart - Free Online Trumpet Lessons This is E natural minor (or E aeolian) which shares the notes (and Major Scales Fingerings for Trumpet - Free download as Excel Spreadsheet (. Oboe Fingering Chart Created by Amy Sandlin 1. This is a melodic A minor. S. e. Pentatonic Scales. Some of them can be challenging at first due to the amount of sharps in the key signature. If you are struggling to play high notes, read the article Play High Notes on the Trumpet. There is no G#. com Ukulele Chord Chart Guitar Scales Piano Scales Flute Fingering Chart Recorder Fingering Trumpet For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl. COM 1349 South Main Street All 12 Major Scales (You may want to read the articles about Scales , the Major Scale , or Key Signatures first. Below are links to the 12 major, melodic, harmonic, and natural minor scales. The fingering patterns are exactly the same. In order to create a natural minor scale, we simply start with the major scale and lower the 3rd, 6th, and 7th scale degrees by a half-step. E minor pentatonic scale Learn Guitar Scales, Minor Scale, Pentatonic Scale, Blues Scale . Trombone/Baritone B. Happy Clarinet playing! 12/16/97 - My goal is simply to provide a somewhat standard chart, as can be found in many beginner's instruction books. I would certainly appreciate hearing from you. 13 w# wb. Labels: bass scales, cello scales, clarinet scales, Fingering Charts, flute scales, saxophone scales, Scale Charts, SCALES and FINGERING CHARTS FOR BEGINNING ORCHESTRA, trombone scales, trumpet scales, violin scales Pentatonic Scale Guitar: Introduction. The fingering chart for the Modern Flute follows. The melodic minor scale, however, ascends with the modifications noted above, but descends in the natural minor scale. I apologize for the odd angle. & For Trumpet The Trumpet Fingering Chart for All 12 Natural Minor Scales by Scott Webber • August 29, 2014 • 11 Comments Remember that the natural minor scale is sometimes thought of as the major scale beginning on the sixth degree. 123 w. Fingering Chart All 12 Major Scales Cornet, Trumpet, Flugelhorn. 12/15/97 - Make free with comments, suggestions, corrections, or any general friendly chat to swihart@purdue. G. Horn Fingering Chart What are the trumpet fingerings for a C harmonic minor Scale? On a B-flat trumpet reading a B-flat trumpet part: C- open D- 1, 3 Eb- 2, 3 F- 1 G- open Ab- 2, 3 B- 2 C- open You finger each So, we use the piano's notes as "concert pitch". The numbers indicate the valves that are to be pressed, whereas, the open valve numbers are not written. com Scale and Arpeggio Fingering Sheet At the beginning and end of each scale, finger numbers indicated in superscript or subscript should be used instead of finger numbers immediately following or preceding them. READ MORE: Top 10 Most Famous Amro Musicians. 12. What are the fingerings to a 2nd octave trumpet chromatic scale starting on Bb? I have a Fingerings for a chromatic scale on trumpet- two octaves from low c? G# harmonic minor Piano Scales - Piano Scales Chart - 8notes. Be sure to kick out your slide a bit when you play this note, or else it will be out of tune. Stop trying to memorize the scales! A major scale has a specific sound and sequence: tone, tone, semitone, tone, tone, tone, semitone. JUSTFORBRASS. xlsx), PDF File (. Trumpet Exercises is here to give you the best and latest information about strength-building routines, fingering charts, warm-ups, muscle flexibility, techniques, scales, embouchure, history, and links to other brass instrument and music news resources. This scale can sometimes confuse people The Harmonic series of a trumpet The image shows the trumpet harmonics series in Bb pitch. A piano scale may consist of any linear series of intervals. ) Trumpet Major & Minor Scales. , you should go through all of the scales you know in that key. These fingerings are the same as trumpet fingerings. w# wb. Trumpet Fingering Chart for All 12 Major Scales ; Trumpet Fingering Chart for All 12 Natural Minor Scales ; Trumpet Fingering Chart for the C Blues Scale ; Trumpet Range, Endurance, and Tone Quality ; How to play "La Virgen de la Macarena" A Brief History of 'The Original Louis Maggio System for Brass' Why I use "The Buzzing Book" by James Thompson Trumpet Fingering Chart. G#. Title: Fingerings Author: Unknown Created Date: Tuesday, May 18, 1999 5:49:25 PM For a trumpet tuned in B flat, this is a B flat scale. Online Quizzes · Fingering Charts · Drummers · First Scales · Second Scales · Major Scales · Minor Scales. jennifercluff. CLARINET FINGERING CHART WWW. (Which like you said, does have an G#) They are basically explaining the relationship between major and minor scales show in the circle of fifths. When practicing scales, favor the right index fingering, as it is the most awkward one. They are referring to natural minor scales, not harmonic minor scales. Tuba * All Minor Scales sheet music was created by Joseph Krammer, using Sibelius. Now that he is beginning trumpet, we bought this one as well. On the chart, the darkened circles represent the keys that should be  &c. Be sure to check out the Piano For All piano Title: two octave major scales - trumpet - Full Score Author: Joe Created Date: 3/16/2012 10:34:22 AM Mayor Scales - Fingering: Baritone Horn - Euphonium - Valve Trombone We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. : Mel Bay A graphic, easy-to-understand fingering chart which features chromatic, major and minor scale studies. G flat. fingerings that you have already learned. 873. Landmarks for Trumpet - Guy Woolfenden: Solos and Piano Acc. Major scales keyboard fingerings C-Major C D E F G A B C RH 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5. Page 1. Trumpet Fingering Chart Major Minor Scales New. Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet. These scales all start on different pitches and have different key signatures. Obtaining both a fingering chart, and a complete book of scales, which usually always contains the arpeggios as well, is best, removing confusion too; and this material will become almost second nature. There are three types of minor scales: natural, harmonic, and melodic. The trumpet minor scales are the same notes as on any instrument. They read music in concert pitch. One Octave Scales for the Beginning and Advancing Trumpet Student. Find all major, minor, chromatic, pentatonic and blues scales. & # w b w A# 1 Bb Free Trumpet Finger Charts (Horn, Tuba & Trombone Too!) Click on the images below to print your free trumpet fingering chart, as well as, tuba, trombone, euphonium, french horn and other brass instruments. The fifth finger is only used at a starting place, a stopping place, or a turning-around place. In a natural A minor scale, it is all natural notes. . All Scales Free For The Trumpet: FREE TRUMPET SCALES PDF File This is an On-Line FREE download of sheet music. Db. They actually use all the same notes. Oboe Fingering Chart Created by Amy Sandlin 2. To my chagrin, I found complex charts encompassing the entire chromatic scale with non-intuitive key numbering systems and/or extraneous information for simple fingerings. A. This is a D. Shop the World's Largest Sheet Music Selection today at Sheet Music Plus. Here’s the scale on the bass clef. & c w D 1 #w bw D# 2 Eb 2 w E Open w F 1 Bb Tpt. If you want to learn to play the trumpet, this is your site! One Octave Major and Minor Scales Trumpet in Bb Boltz Bands Concert C Major (D Major) 7 Concert A Minor (B Minor) 13 Concert F Major (G Major) 19 Concert D Minor (E Minor) 25 Concert Bb Major (C Major) 31 Concert G Minor (A Minor) 37 Concert Eb Major (F Major) 43 V. Clarinet Scales. The pentatonic scale is one of the most commonly-used scales in rock, jazz and pop music. Videos · 1st Lesson · Preliminary Ex. & c w D 1 # w b w D# 2 Eb 2 w E Open w F 1 Bb Tpt. Contrary to the Major Scale, there are not one but three minor scales, which all will be presented here. Well, if you are looking for right method of learning trumpet then you can use trumpet fingering chart templates. The pitch would be the same. It’s just a sheet with all the 12 Blues Scales on it. These charts display different finger positions that can be referred to while Trumpet Minor Scales Chart for Beginners. Use this list alongside the circle of fifths to help yourself understand and memorize scales and their relationships with one 12 Major & 36 Minor Scales for All Instruments Jim Evans Treble Clef Major Scales Harmonic Minor Scales Melodic Minor Scales Natural Minor Scales Bass Clef This note could be fingered using either a high 3rd finger, or a low 4th finger. These notes to the left show the pitches that can be played by not using the valves. Scales are one of the musical keys that ALL French horn (and brass) players French Horn Mouthpiece Chart [500+ Mouthpieces Measured] · Choosing a this variation on the famous Clarke Study #2, originally written for trumpet, is great. com A minor harmonic, in thirds. Right click and do a "Save link as" to download a PDF of each finger chart to your computer. Natural, harmonic, and melodic minor are simply various forms of the minor scale. As you improve and start playing more scales, i. Transform into a trill chart with a tap and even explore alternate fingerings. Yamaha, etc. The major and minor scales are related Trumpet, Baritone T. It covers major and (harmonic) minor fingering patterns, modes, and intervals for  Have your students fill in their own fingering charts! 1) Pass out the Blank Fingering Chart to your students Trumpet-Baritone TC / French Horn / Trombone / Euphonium BC / Tuba / Keyboard Percussion 3) 12 Major/Minor Scales (1 octave)  Now for the first time a fingering and trill chart is conveniently sized (6" x 9") and . im/ax0IJ The blues scale is derived from the natural minor scale and is often played over major tonality. Fingerings (LH): 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1 Trumpet | French Horn | Trombone | Baritone (Treble Clef) | Baritone (Bass Clef) | Tuba | Keyboard Percussion | Minor Scales ( 1 Octave) Fingering Chart Add this page to your favorites! Trumpet/Cornet Fingering Chart. trumpet, tuba. We know that the C major scale looks like this: All major scales have a relative minor. All variations of notes and fingerings in higher positions were not labeled and shown (the entire length of the fingerboard can be used to finger and play notes). For example: C major and A minor share the same key signature (no sharps or flats!), with A being the sixth note of the C major scale. Trumpet Fingering Chart Chart - Mel Bay Publications, Inc. Here’s the scale on the treble clef. Scales are one of the building blocks of music and most players learn various scales throughout their playing journey. Each key of all the major scales, placed in order according to key name chromatically. For example, try playing the notes of the C major scale, but start and end on A instead of C. All major scales fingerings for Trumpet Basic Fingering Chart For Trumpet [Tony Santorella, Chris Tedesco, Carolyn Connors] on Amazon. You can learn how to form other melodic and harmonic minor scales at our main piano music scales section. It is important for all musicians to familiarize themselves with scales, and learning  Free Trumpet Fingering Chart PDF Baroque Game Pieces- Free Trumpet Duet. encountered before. , minor scales, pentatonic, blues scales, etc. Makup of Major and Minor Scales Every major scale has a relative minor, which has the exact same key signature, but starts three, 1/2 steps below the tonic in the major. Fingering Chart All 12 Major Scales Cornet The major scales are C, C sharp, D, E-flat, E, F, F sharp, G, G sharp, A, B-flat, and B. By just tightening up and loosing the lips. First, try one octave, and then try two octaves. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Dorian and the natural minor scale (known as Aeolian in modal parlance) are both considered minor modes. Major Scales Circle of Fourths (Flats) C Major (Concert Bb) F Major (Concert Eb) Bb Major (Concert Ab) Eb Major (Concert Db) Ab Major (Concert Gb) Why do You Need Trumpet Fingering Chart Templates? Trumpet is a very inspirational and appreciable musical instrument but it is not easy to learn. Format:PDF Pages:1 Visit MakingMusicFun. g. The charts are good quality and are printed on heavy card stock. Natural: Exact same notes as the relative major, without any chromatic alteration; 2. On the chart, the darkened circles represent the keys that should be pressed down. Piano Scales – All Types. The first thing I did after purchasing my clarinet was to hit the library for a fingering chart. Tr umpet in B b w#. Here's a list of all major scales in order of fifths. Need help with your trumpet? Amro Music is your music store in This lesson teaches trumpet students to play the C scale and arpeggio. A#. Saxophone Fingering Chart SaxStation. Due to the enormous success of our Instrumental Fingering Posters we thought it would be extremely helpful to create a smaller 9 x 12 version that would fit comfortably into every method book which any beginning student has been assigned. Tuba fingerings are very similar to the trumpet . Trumpet Fingering Chart major and minor scale studies. com Neal Battaglia Sax Station Monday, February 21, 2011 Beginner Mandolin: Basic Scales, Finger Patterns and Positions. (Eventually, you should be able to play each scale with both hands, ascending and descending, four octaves. Flute scales sheet music from flutetunes. Mel Bay edition. Once you know how to do major scales, minor scales are easy! -- except for the fact that there are three different forms. Once you learn the patterns in one position you can easily move that shape to other keys and play the same pattern to produce a major or minor scale in the desired key. The one above is the natural or pure minor scale. Remember that the natural minor scale is sometimes thought of as the major scale beginning on the sixth degree. & #w bw F# 2 Gb 2 w G Open #w bw G# 23 Ab 23 w A 12 Bb Tpt. twedt. nothing more. org for more info. The first thing to do is refer to a trumpet finger chart so you can memorise the finger positions for each note. around the Circle of Fifths, by counting up five steps on your fingers. If you find yourself straining in any way, just fill in the larger leaps with longtones, glissandos, or scale notes. Try building a major scale on any note. The fourth finger always plays a black key (when there is a black key to be played in the scale). 21 12 3 3 trumpet fingering chart xc +c# j db d + d# j eb e xg +gx# j axb xa +ax# j bxb xb x x xjx d +d# jex b x e xf +f# gb x x xjx a b xc c# db +jx x + x x +xjx +xjx e f f #g b x a x x +xjx +xjx b c c# db x d d# eb gb +xjx x +xjx x +xjx 21 alternate trumpet fingerings 3 x x +xjx a e f# gb x g x x a bb b xc +xj a# x x x x +c# jdxb d +dx# j exb e xf +fx# jgxb xg +gx# j axb xab+ax# jbxb x xc Minor Scales Cheat Sheet • Harmonic minor – raise the 7th scale degree • Melodic minor – raise the 6th and 7th scale degree (ascending), revert to natural minor (descending) Print and download in PDF or MIDI Major Scales. minor one. Piano Minor Scales. Trumpet Fingering Chart Major Minor Scales Warm-Up & Flexibility Studies. required at each grade, as well as aiming to hear a balance of the specified articulations. The following scale sheets and musical vocabulary terms are for the South Carolina requirements used for All-State Band and Region Band. 23. bandlink. The key difference between major and minor scaes is that notes on a major scale sound bright and cheerful, while notes on a minor scale sound solemn and sad. w. Pentatonic minor vs pentatonic major scales. minor two. but if you look minor scales you ll see the acceptence Trumpet / Cornet / Flugelhorn requirements and information: Scales and arpeggios. trumpet minor scales finger chart